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Matrix Payment Services (MPS) focuses on addressing the growing demand for high quality services in the business and commercial payments space. MPS has partnered with the leading payment software vendors to provide state-of-the-art solutions and implementations. Its services cover the whole spectrum of the payment systems life cycle, from advisory, evaluation, vendor selection through implementation, customization, and configuration to post implementation support. Our team possess deep experience in the global payment market, payment regulation, and compliance areas, and is ready to support your needs in a way that would successfully meet your business goals.

Matrix Payment Services

Payment systems and infrastructure

are practically the backbones for both transaction banking and relationship-oriented banking. World over, there is a move towards increased standardization (through formats such as ISO 20022) There is also the regulatory and industry push to make payments simpler and fee-wise more accessible for consumers (as in PSD2 with Open Banking standards).

However, transition to these is still fraught with settlement or liquidity issues as well as operational issues (e.g. failed payments), which have been adding to the back-office costs at banks, thus further diluting the focus on customers amid FinTech payment players and payment banks. An interesting facet of the payments industry is payment cards. While earlier predicted by some as being on the ebb in their lifecycle, card transactions have grown very fast over the last few years.

They have gained importance as a product for improving customer stickiness even with the rapid advent of digital wallets and mobile payments. Cards now present an opportunity for cementing better relationships with co-branding, rewards, and loyalty programs.

Our Solutions

Today’s environment has forced financial institutions to reevaluate how digital channels and real-time payments can be used to deliver the experiences consumers expect. Whether your customers are paying people or businesses, in person, online or by mobile, Matrix-IFS will work with you to maximize the potential of payment processing. We offer a range of innovative, fully integrated payment solution services designed to meet your needs and your customers; changing demands, while adhering to regulatory requirements.


Today, electronic transactions have become the preferred payment method – over checks and even
cash. Consumer behavior is changing at a scale and speed never experienced before. Anything that can be done digitally, will be – and chances are, consumer will expect it to be done in real-time.

By leveraging innovation and focusing on our collective strengths, we help clients navigate this
changing landscape. Our payments technology solutions help you:



Reduce operational costs associated with multiple payment channels

Offer scalable network expertise, modernization and transparency to your payment’s operation
Reduce check and cash processing costs as consumers move to real-time digital payments
Deliver a combination of in-house, outsourced and processing offerings, domain expertise
and consulting services
Share payment information across your entire organization
Obtain a dashboard view of payment activity from a holistic perspective

Mitigate and manage fraud, risk and compliance issues

Benefit from our domain expertise
Have better visibility and transparency across payment silos
Use products that prevent fraud in real-time before it occurs
Take advantage of a secure transaction environment and comprehensive risk and compliance tools

Protect and grow your business

Attract and retain customers
Modernize your payments suite with real-time payment processing capabilities
Offer a mix of payment products and consulting services
Align new products with the most appropriate segments
Better understand your customers and their buying behavior
Optimize pricing for services

Demographic shifts, technology advancements and new expectations for the user experience are among the trends impacting the market and its stakeholders. Leaders must make decisions today to win in the future.

MPS brings unmatched capabilities, scale and experience to serve the end-to-end needs of payments stakeholders.
Our payments advisors and systems integration specialists bring together strategy, consulting and execution to put banks, payments providers and others on the leading edge of the industry.

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