Your payments strategy roadmap

MPS assists clients in creating custom payment strategies.
We provide a custom approach to support community banks’ digital
payments efforts. It will cover four main steps.

Matrix Payment Services
4 main steps for a successful payments strategy roadmap


1 – Evaluate your position in the market.

Questions will identify key environmental factors like the size of the institution and the number of customers and branches.

2 – Take stock of your existing offerings and identify gaps.

After this initial appraisal, we will walk you through a series of questions that ask about your digital payment products and plan near-term changes.

3 – Assess your current and future customer needs.

Once current offerings are evaluated, we will share more about your clients and target audiences

4 – Create a realistic roadmap to take you into the future.

future. Based on this input, the tool will offer a model and identify where you fall on the digital payment’s development spectrum. A corresponding report will offer recommendations on the next steps as you continue to build your bank’s digital payments infrastructure

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